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Alumni Student Reviews

San Diego Main Campus

"I enjoyed the challenges of the clinical best. The case studies were good experience for me. You basically take one patient; analyze every test, every value, everything. Then get grilled by docs and respiratory therapists. I loved it!"

Cesar Gameros
Respiratory Therapy

"College was a great experience. It was intimate; everyone was very nice and pleasing. I made some very good friends, and I learned a lot of stuff about myself and met a lot of good people."

Jonathan Allen
Business Management & Accounting

"The college was a good fit for me. The staff was helpful and the program was a good program. Before college I was working as a dispatcher for a company that delivered hospital equipment. I am working in the respiratory field now. The college improved my life."

Luis Alvarado
Respiratory Therapy

"The clinical experience really made the whole experience for me. The field sites were very good and the fieldwork instructors are very good. I already have a job in the field. The area I did my field work in has hired me. Going to CCSD has improved my life."

Micah Bajinting
Respiratory Therapy

"Inside the classroom the lectures were presented in a manner that was easy to understand and explained in depth. The lab was also useful when attending clinicals."

Karla Luna
Respiratory Therapy

"I was hired at a great job right out of school."

Sarah Judge
Respiratory Therapy

"I gained respect from my family and friends for being the first to graduate from college. I also gained confidence in myself to continue on with my education."

Damesha Dean
Medical Specialties

"I am taken a lot more seriously when I tell some one that I have an Associates Degree in Medical Specialties."

Tammy Wennmacher
Medical Specialties

"I got the skills necessary to work in the medical field. I really enjoyed...the instructors and the hands on training. I enjoy the respect I get from my co-workers and patients."

Terina Hansen
Medical Specialties

"I get to make a difference in the lives of others. I get to help people when they need it most."

Sonja Gavin
Medical Specialties

"Enrolling in this school has to be one of the best decisions that I have made. You get plenty of opportunities to do hands on are given the skills that you will be able to use throughout your career."

Colin Pasnak
Medical Specialties

"I would recommend CCSD because teachers try to ensure success with every student and most teachers and staff use real world applications for educating students instead of just using textbooks."

Timothy Harmon
Computer Science with a Networking emphasis

"Three benefits I've experienced after earning my degree are: the gratification of accomplishing something I never thought I could, a respectable career, and the ability to take care of my family."

Khanh Lam