CCSD Spring Into College Open House


This spring, flowers aren’t the only thing blooming. With the right education, yourcareer could blossom as well. At the San Marcos Spring into College open house event, you can tour our campus, enjoy free food, and learn and experience many things. You’ll also get to meet some of our students, staff members, instructors, and alumni.

Join us for the following events:

Health and wellness fair: May 6 from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Bring a friend to school day: May 6 and 7 all day

Military vet guest speaker: May 7 at 12:30 p.m.

At California College San Diego you don’t have to wait until fall to enroll. You can get started this spring! Come learn more about our degree programs designed to help you plant or grow your career in the field of healthcare, business, accounting, or information technology.

 All events and activities will take place at our San Marcos Campus, which is located at 277 Rancheros Drive, Suite 200.

How to Switch Careers Without Going Broke

For many people, switching careers is a great move for their lifestyle as well as their wallet. In a different career, you may feel more satisfied with what you’re doing and therefore be more likely to thrive. What’s more, a new career could open up doors to better opportunities, not only for you but for your loved ones, too.

However, switching careers often involves getting additional education. From tuition bills to a temporarily reduced work schedule, going back to school can be tough on the bank account for several years. How can you make this key investment in your future without feeling too much financial strain?

Dean’s List Quarter 4: National City

Aguero, Guillermina L
Amante, Blaine S
Cabezas, Jazmin C
Campos, Berenice
Cantor, Ryan J
Cazares, Rosa M
Celebrado, Apolonia O
Chavez, Michael A
Clemente, Yvonne
Daugherty, Sean P
Dennis, Larry
Diocares, John Nelson C
Duque, Ana M
Estrada, Erika E
Farmer, Jade A
Felix, Eduardo A
Fuller, Bebob
Galicinao, Chona
Gitano, Santino M
Gutierrez, Alexis B
Hairston, Seth A
Hill, Jessica L
Hua, Jason C
Iyar, Starlene
Jimenez, Jennifer L
Labrador, Elizabeth G
Lawson Jr, John E
Lim, Hans Christian N
Lorennij, Loreal L
Malana, Leoncio C
Manabat Jr, Jesus P
Maxwell, Britt R
Mercado, Daniel A
Miller, Jennifer L
Milo, Samantha J
Morales, Joel I
Mosko, Michael
Ortiz, Jerome V
Pascua, Marianne M
Perez, Lilibeth
Ponce, Bryan M
Porter, Bethanie C
Rausa, Evelyn T
Rios, Daisy A
Rivero, Eric
Roberts, Richard A
Roman Hernandez, Crystina
Rulloda, Mary Grace M
Sabal, Erlynn Joyce R
Saenz-Castaneda, Brianna N
Samora, Maria E
Sanchez Contreras, Eneida L
Santos, Monique
Satchell Jr., Alvin L
Satterfield, Darrow L
Shuhart, Melissa P
Smith, Carl A
Sweet, Mary J
Villanueva Rodriguez, Esteban
Villarin, Elvissa S
Youngclaus, Cheyanne H

Dean’s List Quarter 4: San Diego

Abdullah, Gwendolyn W
Acorn, Patrick G
Alfiler III, Asislo N
Amaya, Kasirarat C
Andres, Shallyn P
Archambeau, Deborah J
Arredondo, Viviana
Augustyn, Mariska A
Avalos, Jennifer D
Bacon Jr, Charles E
Ballard, Natracia N
Banuelos, Maria G
Bates, Kimberley S
Blount, Juanetta N
Bolanos, Esmeralda
Brock, Katy M
Brooks, Tyler M
Brown, Ronell C
Burden, Stephen D
Burnett, Max E
Caceres, Charlie M
Carden, Christopher A
Ceron, Joseline
Collins, Joey L
Coolong, Eric
Dawson, Patricia D
De La Rosa, Joanna
De La Torre Lopez, Ruby
Decano, Shirley G
Decarlo, Renato R
Diedrich, Alexandria K
Dominguez, Guadalupe
Dones, Louis V
Ertel, Daniel R
Flores, Jacobo M
Gallardo, Daisy C
Gonzalez Martinez, Nora E
Gouin, Michele M
Gray, Christopher A
Gray, Howard S
Grilli, Katelynn A
Gutierrez, Roy
Guzman, Zeus L
Harris-Roberts, Gerbrina R
Heninger, Justuce D
Higgins, Christine M
Hinojo, Vanessa
Hinton, Dominique J
Hollinger, Amanda L
Howard, Lonnie P
Jackson, Francisca L
Johnson, Nicole M
Jones, Marcus L
Kidari, Nahid
Kleine, Kristy R
Labrador, Joel M
Lane, Jamie L
Lawless, James M
Lewis, Keonta M
Loera, Loren J
Lopez Jimenez, Elliott
Lynch, Michael K
Magno, Raymond P
Maneru, Maraalyssa h
Manimath, Tubal Charles T
McTighe, Kristin N
Melendrez, Gary R
Michael, Tiara D
Navarro, Perry
Nguyen, Khanh P
Noble, Parusha S
Obasade, John A
Ochoa, Michael H
Oravsky, Jonathan M
Ortiz Robles, Moises
Owens, Albert A
Pannone, Annamarie B
Pham, Annvi D
Phomthavong, Jaqueline
Porfirio Segundo, Maira
Prado, Steven E
Presley, Cartarious T
Quigg, Christine
Quintero Munos, Elsa J
Quirk, Tyler J
Ramirez, Elizabeth
Ramirez, Jorge A
Rampola, Edmund I
Rand, Mitchell L
Rangel Del Toro, Mayra G
Rioux, Toni L
Rivers, Leanne M
Roldan, Reinaldo F
Rosenberg, Katherine I
Rozier, Audrey L
Sager, Elyssabeth T
Salazar, Jed A
Sanchez, Danielle
Sanchez, Samanda
Santiago, Kriscor Marie M
Shields, Stetfhone L
Shotwell, Jessica L
Smith, Barney E
Smith, Laura
Snow, Kristyn E
Spurgeon, Rachael N
Stenson, Patrick W
Taylor, Devon L
Taylor, John F
Teagle, Turquoise N
Thomas, Nathaniel T
Trice, Marie A
Trujillo, Christopher M
Truong, Van Tuan L
Uyeda, Jennifer M
Van Rumund, Stephanie N
Van, Hanh H
Venable, Jason J
Villa, Ilsy
Walcott, Rasheda L
Warren, Tawnya L
Wells, Kateri S
Wilson, Tyrell A
Zaila, Lily B