Friday Link Round-Up for April 6: Perfect Your Resume, Health Insurance for Everyone, and More

Happy Friday! It’s time for our weekly link-round up, where we bring you the most interesting, useful, informative, or cool stuff we find on our travels across the Web. This week: seven easy ways to perfect your resume, health insurance for everyone, and more!

sthethoscope >> A new study is pointing out that the problem with using the notoriously inaccurate    BMI calculation to determine a patient’s relative health is that we’re underestimating body fat percentages, meaning some patients have even greater medical risks than they realize.

>> Forbes has got seven quick and easy ways to perfect your resume that you should look at right now.

>> Fight fight fight! The brain remains a mysterious mystery, and scientists even disagree on how to unravel it once and for all.

>> An interesting discussion of the health insurance situation, and how looking at the success of other countries can point America to a successful plan.

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Friday Link Round-Up for April 6: Perfect Your Resume, Health Insurance for Everyone, and More by

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