Friday Link Round-Up for March 16: Creative Promotions, Getting More Sleep, and More!

Hooray for Friday! We love the weekend, and we love the Friday Link Round-Up, where we bring you the most interesting, useful, informative, or cool stuff we find on our travels across the web. This week, achieve your dreams, get some sleep, and more!

getting enough sleep > You can achieve absolutely anything—here are 11 tips to get you on your way to the gold.

> A savvy, creative way to get a promotion? Find a need in your company and then offer a way to fill it. Some great advice from the NYT.

> You should be getting to bed early—a new study shows people who don’t get enough sleep eat more, move less, and gain weight. We’re off to take a nap.

> You know that nothing on the web is private–but here’s yet another reason to be especially careful about what you put on your Facebook page–employers could be literally looking over your shoulder.

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Friday Link Round-Up for March 16: Creative Promotions, Getting More Sleep, and More! by

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Ashley Hasna currently works for California College San Diego creating and sharing content for their social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and more. In addition to reading and writing, Ashley enjoys pop culture, movies, travel, and of course food. Ashley's Google+ Profile
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