Friday Link Round-Up for March 30: Tax Tips, Economy Bump and More

Happy Friday! It’s time for our weekly link-round up, where we bring you the most interesting, useful, informative, or cool stuff we find on our travels across the Web. This week: Go take a nap, check out the legs on that economy, and more!

taxes > Feeling tired? Scientists say go take a nap, because it can increase your cognitive abilities.

> It’s been four years since the number of jobless claims have been this low, giving economists hope that this is the start of an economic upswing.

> A psychological study suggests that perception could be everything when it comes to success.

> There’s already enough stress when it comes to filing your taxes. You don’t need to worry about being audited, too. Here’s some advice on avoiding the possibility of an IRS audit.

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  • Jane

    The article which was a psychological study suggest is really great and useful. I always love psychological articles about studying and other parts of life.

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