Healthcare Masters Programs

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Healthcare Administration

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is just as much a business as it is a provider. Similar to every business, it needs good, qualified management to keep it running smoothly. A master's degree is the standard credential to gain access to most generalist positions in management.

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program at California College San Diego provides graduates with the education and background that may be necessary to compete in the real world. Learn More...

Healthcare Informatics

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics

The Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics degree addresses the growing need for professionals who should possess both analytical skills and business acumen necessary for improving healthcare delivery systems through information technology and management.

Informatics is a key function of the healthcare delivery system in the United States and provides for the management and maintenance of health records in hospitals, clinics, health departments, insurance companies, governmental agencies and other settings. Learn More...

Nurse Education

Master of Science in Nurse Education

A Master of Science in Nurse Education can give you the credibility and certification you may need to be a qualified, competent, and effective healthcare and nursing instructor. Our courses are taught by equally qualified and competent professionals who can educate our students in nurse education curriculum and also train our students in educational techniques and procedures. Learn More...

Nursing Administration

Master of Science in Nursing Administration

The healthcare system is a complex entity that requires all of its various parts to work together in order to provide quality care to people. Management of medical resources and personnel is a crucial part of being able to render effective care.

With a Masters in Nursing Administration, you may have a direct effect on the healthcare field by directing medical resources and personnel. Learn More...