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Computer Science

with a Networking and Information Systems Security emphasis

Bachelor of Science

Program Length: 36 months (may be completed in as little as 30 months)

Degree Overview

Computer Science with a Networking and Information Systems Security emphasis

Get a Better Job in the IT Field

You could launch a rewarding career making more money with a degree from California College San Diego

Are you fascinated with technology? Are you interested in starting an exciting new career where you can help build, maintain, and secure computer networks? If so, a computer science degree from California College San Diego could help you do it.

Our bachelor’s degree in computer science with an emphasis in networking and information systems security has been designed to help you launch a fast-growing IT career. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics the computer networking and security industries will add hundreds of thousands of new jobs to the economy by the year 2020:

  • Network and computer systems administrators: 96,600 new jobs!
  • Information security analysts and computer network architects: 65,700 new jobs!
  • Computer systems analysts: 120,400 new jobs!
  • Computer and information systems managers: 55,800 new jobs!
  • Database administrators: 33,900 new jobs!
What does this mean for you?

Companies need you to get your degree so you can help them set up their information networks and protect them against hackers and other cybercriminals.

At California College San Diego, our computer science programs are career-focused. Your emphasis in networking and information systems security will help you learn the knowledge and skills you need to gain employment in today’s job market, such as: computer network communications, server administration, information storage, database programming, and security measures. 

The amount of increased earnings varies by field and degree. Source: U.S. Census Bureau (see Table 8).

All statistics were retrieved form the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-2013 Edition. See individual job titles for specific information.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

APP 101 Computer Fundamentals 3.5
APP 126 Databases 3.5
CAP 499 Capstone 4.0
CSS 101 Psychology of Motivation 4.0
CSS 299 Professional Development 4.0
ECN 220 Economics 4.0
ECN 221 Economic Principles 4.0
ENG 101 English Composition 4.0
ENG 223 Communication Arts 4.0
ENG 310 Advanced Interpersonal Communication 4.0
ETH 233 Ethics 4.0
HIS 220 American Civilization 4.0
HIS 300 U.S. History Since the Civil War 4.0
ISS 220 Computer Law 4.0
ISS 310 Information Security Management 3.5
ISS 320 Ethical Hacking 3.5
ISS 420 Introduction to Cryptography 3.5
ISS 430 Computer Forensics 3.5
MAT 220 College Algebra 4.0
MCS 101 Computer Servicing I 3.0
MCS 102 Computer Servicing II 3.5
MCS 215 Server Administration I 3.5
MCS 315 Server Administration II 3.5
MCS 415 Server Administration III 3.5
NET 103 Networking Concepts I 3.5
NET 104 Networking Concepts II 3.5
NET 215 Security Concepts I 3.5
NET 315 Security Concepts II 4.0
NET 321 Network Communications I 3.5
NET 324 Network Communications II 3.5
NET 403 Network Communications III 3.5
NET 404 Network Communications IV 3.5
NET 424 Information Storage I 3.5
OPS 101 Introduction to Operating Systems 4.0
OPS 113 Linux Operating System I 3.5
OPS 213 Linux Operating Systems II 3.5
PHI 221 Introduction to Logic 4.0
PRG 101 Solutions Concepts 3.5
PRG 102 Programming Logic & Design I 3.5
PRG 103 Programming Logic & Design II 3.5
PRG 111 Web Page Programming I 3.5
PRG 140 Database Programming I 3.5
PRG 204 Programming Concepts I 3.0
PRG 249 Web Page Programming II 3.5
PRG 250 Web Page Programming III 3.0
PSY 250 Positive Psychology 4.0
PSY 400 Biological Psychology 4.0
SOC 400 Sociology of Aging 4.0
STA 322 Statistics 4.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 49Total Credits: 180

Available at the following locations:

Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.
California Locations: National City, San Diego, San Marcos

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