Laptops for California College San Diego Students

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California College San Diego

Each Student Receives a New Laptop!

Imagine being able to do your coursework almost anywhere you like, whether at home, the office, the library, the neighborhood café, or the park. With no extra fee, California College San Diego issues you a laptop at the start of your program.

As you advance through your courses, you'll enjoy more flexibility and convenience with your laptop. And you can take advantage of our hybrid courses, which offer the benefits of both face-to-face and online teaching.

Use your laptop all through school. As soon as you graduate, the laptop becomes your own property!

Call 1-800-622-3188 to learn more about laptops, hybrid courses, or anything else.

Laptop computers are issued to California College San Diego students to facilitate their coursework. The laptop is owned by California College San Diego. Upon graduation, the laptop becomes the student's property as a gift from California College San Diego.*

If a student withdraws or is terminated, the laptop must be returned to California College San Diego within 30 days of the date of determination that the student ceased attending school.

* Laptops are not issued to students in master's programs or completion programs.