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Flexibility, Convenience, and Personalized Attention

Delivering education that works

At many traditional colleges and universities, you’re basically on your own. On your own to figure out enrollment, financial aid, registering for classes, finding a tutor, etc. And, you almost always have to find a way to fit work and time with your family into your school schedule. At California College San Diego, however, we believe that your college should work for you. We bring you a program that matches your needs, your schedule, and your personal circumstances.

The California College San Diego Mission

“Many people enroll in college degree programs because they know it’s a proven path to a better job making more money. We respect that, and have designed our degree programs specifically for employment, with direction from the employers themselves. ”

– Eric Juhlin
President of California College San Diego

The California College San Diego Difference

Your career goals are our priority and are the center of everything we do. We offer you:

Degrees Designed for Employment

Our degree programs are strictly career-focused. We teach only the subjects that are relevant to your career, so you can graduate and get started making your new life a reality faster. And, all your instructors have experience in the real world, meaning they can provide first-hand insight into your future career.

Personalized Student Services

California College San Diego is smaller than your average traditional college or university. A smaller campus means smaller class sizes, and smaller classes sizes mean more one-on-one interaction with your instructor and fellow classmates. In addition, all our instructors and staff are 100% dedicated to your success and are there for you from start to finish.

Flexible Class Scheduling

At California College San Diego, we understand you have responsibilities outside of school, and we believe that college doesn’t have to get in the way of them. Flexibility means you go to school on your schedule and on your terms. Choose day, evening, or online1 classes: Whatever fits your busy lifestyle!

Employment Assistance for Grads

At California College San Diego, graduation isn’t the destination. It’s just one step on the journey of the rest of your life. We back our words up by providing Career Services assistance to all our graduates1. At any time after graduation, if you need help finding a job or advancing your career, simply reach out to us and we’ll be ready.
Fast, Flexible, and Convenient
24/7Choose daytime, evening, or online1 classes.

20Finish your degree in as few as 20 months.2

12New classes start every month.

“They’ve always focused on us and whatever we needed…If I had any concerns, I would go to the teacher and she would take time even after a class to show me something that was a little difficult and hard to understand.”

– Samantha Dows
School of Healthcare

Your New Laptop

We give you the tools you need to succeed.

Don’t have a computer to use for school? At California College San Diego, new students receive a new laptop to use in school, pre-loaded with all the software you will need for your program. Your laptop is yours to use in school and keep after you graduate.

We Make Getting Started Easy

Get moving toward your goals faster.

Starting college doesn’t have to be scary. In addition to giving you a new laptop to use in school, we’ll work with you one-on-one to help you get started. Instead of waiting till the next semester, we can usually get you started within a month.


Your Financial Aid Plan

Our friendly financial aid planners are experts at helping you find all the grants, scholarships,4 and financial aid you may be eligible for. We’ll even help you apply! Talk to one of our planners to see what you may qualify for.


Friendly Admissions Consultants

Our admissions consultants are here to help you with all of your enrollment questions. If you’ve gone to college before, we’ll collect your transcripts and see if any of your credits transfer. We’ll even pay your transcript fee!


New Classes Start Every Month

Unlike many colleges and universities, California College San Diego doesn’t run on a semester basis. We offer new classes and new opportunities to begin school each month of the year, so you don’t have to wait to get going on your degree.

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Student success is a team effort, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.
Let our dedicated team of instructors, advisors, and success coaches help you reach
your educational goals and get the career you’ve always wanted.

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  1. The college does not guarantee a job. Gaining employment is the graduate’s responsibility.
  2. General timeframe for completion of an Associate’s degree.
  3. Grant and scholarship awards are available only to those who qualify, and they are limited in number. For details, visit www.scholarshipccsd.com.

California College San Diego admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.