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The Secret to Getting Ahead Is Getting Started

What are the first steps on your journey to a better career? Getting started is as simple as making a call to an adviser at (800) 622-3188. Or, if you prefer, you can review the steps below. We’re here for you, and can answer any questions you may have.


When you’re ready, we’ve created an admissions process that is supportive and easy to understand:

Speak with Your Admissions Consultant

To begin the process, you’ll have an informal phone interview with your admissions consultant. You will discuss your career goals and consider possible degree programs for fulfilling your professional plans. The consultant will answer your questions about starting college and set you on the path to a better career.

Speak with Your Financial Planner

Next, you’ll speak with a well-informed financial planner, who will demystify the financial-aid process for you. This planner will help you understand the financial requirements of attending California College San Diego. In addition, your planner will help you consider the many financial aid choices available for those who qualify.

Enrollment Planning with Your Admissions Consultant

Once you’ve chosen to enroll, the admissions consultant will review your background and ask questions about your career motives, interests, and needs. The consultant will help you understand the requirements and enrollment procedures necessary to begin your education, as well as guide you through the admissions process.

Create Your Personalized Financial Plan

Once you’ve chosen a program and started the enrollment process, the financial planner will put together an affordable financial strategy for your chosen program. The planner will help you understand all the details, go through all the steps, and keep track of the applications and forms.

Meet Your Support System

Once you’ve applied for enrollment and received approval from the Director of Admissions, the financial planner and admissions consultant will continue helping you throughout your education. You’ll also be assigned a student advisor who will assist you with any questions or concerns during the program. We will always work together with you to make attending CCSD convenient and flexible for you.

Paying for your education

Some people think they can’t afford college. Once you know the facts, college could be much more affordable than you think! Financial aid is available if you qualify, possibly including grants and scholarships. In fact, many students are amazed at the financial aid they’re eligible to receive.

For more information, including information about Your Future Scholarships, call (800) 622-3188 and we’ll walk you through the process.


Connect with a community of peers

To find out more about the California College San Diego experience, connect with us through our profiles on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Not only will you hear from students and faculty, but you’ll get the latest news and information.


Transfer your credits

If you’ve already attended some college, don’t let your valuable credits go to waste! At California College San Diego, we’ll help you transfer your credits to a degree designed for employment. You can transfer up to 25% of the credits needed for an associate’s degree and 50% for a bachelor’s degree.


Get your new laptop—no extra charge

To help you be successful in school, California College San Diego issues you a new laptop equipped with all the software you need to complete your program. With your new laptop you’ll be able to use it at school, work, home, or wherever it’s convenient for you.

After using your laptop for school, you can keep it when you graduate as our gift to you!

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