4 Great Resources for Business Students

By Jon Hall Published on December 22, 2017

4 Resources for Business Students

Working toward a degree in business is a great way to advance your future, and it’s exciting to stretch yourself as you grow and learn. It can also sometimes feel like you’re being stretched too thin. The good news is, there are resources to help you succeed as you pursue your education.

As you work on earning your business degree, use these resources to help you get organized, communicate, and learn more about leadership.


Whether you’re in the boardroom, your dorm room, or your living room, communication is essential. Skype is a great messaging system that can help you communicate with classmates both individually and in group chats.

The main advantage of Skype is that it allows you to communicate across platforms and devices. In normal group texts, all members must be on their phones. With Skype, group members can use their phones, tablets, computers, etc. to stay connected. Skype works on Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

Between work, school, commutes, and family life, it can be difficult to get all of the group members physically together to work on or talk about a project. With Skype, those who can’t attend in person can still be connected and contribute to group meetings via video chat.

Evernote Tools


The days of taking class notes with a paper and pen are dying, but simple notes on a document don’t always suffice. Evernote provides an elegant solution. This free-form note-taking app syncs your entries across devices. You can transcribe a lecture, enter hand-drawn sketches, attach pictures, and more. Users can even tag notes in order to sort and categorize them simply.

If you have a buddy who missed class, you can share your notes easily via email or social media. All of this and more is included in the free version of the app. If you choose the paid version, Evernote Plus or Premium, you’ll unlock new features.

Evernote Premium offers a great feature to help keep track of your networking contacts. Networking contacts are a vital part of building a career in business, but in a world that keeps going paperless, we usually don’t have a system to keep track of small paper items like business cards. Evernote Premium allows users to scan and digitize business cards and create contacts. Never lose track of a networking contact again.

Talent is Never Enough by John Maxwell

Talent Is Never Enough

Talent Is Never Enough by John C. Maxwell teaches readers how to look beyond raw talent to become a “talent plus person.” It’s easy to get caught in the idea that success in any field, including business, strongly relies on talent or natural gifts. While Maxwell acknowledges talent can, and often does, certainly play a role in opening doors, it takes hard work, belief, passion, perseverance, and more to truly succeed.

The book operates on the premise that everyone has talents, but without effort and developing other characteristics, you’ll always be limited by the reaches of your talent. He teaches readers how to reach for true, sustainable success.

Maxwell is known as a leadership expert, author, and speaker across the world. He has trained and given speeches to many Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, The Wall Street Journal, the NFL, Amazon, and more. Inc. magazine named him the #1 leadership and management expert in the world in May 2014.

Talent Is Never Enough is just over 300 pages long and has a 4.2 rating on Goodreads with over 1,300 reviews.


When balancing so many priorities, it can be difficult to keep track of your schedule. Todoist aims to help you get organized and take control of your priorities. Todoist is a freemium (free to download with some premium content available for purchase) app that is available across platforms and devices.

Todoist allows you to create and sort tasks and subtasks into various projects, which allows users to break large projects into manageable, smaller tasks. Users can track up to 80 projects in the free version, and projects can be shared with five people. The platform allows for easy sharing and collaboration. The clean interface and extensive list of features make it an appealing productivity manager.

If you’d like to access premium features, you must sign up for a premium account for $28.99 a year. Examples of added features include location-based reminders, the ability to add asks through email, and an extended limit of 200 projects.