5 Essential Chrome Plugins for College Students

By Manda Perkins Published on February 17, 2017

Since its initial release almost 10 years ago, Google Chrome has quickly become the most popular web browser available, dominating the competition with over half of the world’s web traffic. This comes as no surprise given the popularity of Gmail, Google’s free email service, and the fact that Google’s search engine is so ingrained in our society that “Googling” has become an actual verb.

Google Chrome also offers some pretty great extensions, many of which are especially handy for students. Extensions are simply plugins installed on your browser that customize your online experience, kind of like apps for your phone or tablet. Whether you’re currently working on your bachelor’s degree, returning to school for your master’s, or even if you’re just pondering a career switch, many extensions can help you stay productive and organized. Here’s a list of some of the best plugins we’ve found.



Bookmark an article in the Pocket extension, and it’s instantly synced across all your devices. This is useful when you’re working on a paper and searching for sources, but you don’t have time to read them in-depth right then. Pocket keeps all your articles in one place until you’re ready to revisit them.




Google Keep

If you’re looking for note-taking functionality, Google Keep is a quick, no-frills extension that allows you to jot down ideas in a hurry. It also lets you save pages, images, and text from websites and add your own notes to them.






It’s so easy to get sucked into the black hole of social media, especially when you have lots of work to do. As the name suggests, StayFocusd helps keep you on task by blocking whichever websites are your biggest time-wasters. You can decide which sites to block and set time limits for each one.






Ambient noise (or the lack thereof) can really disrupt your productivity level. Noisli helps minimize distractions by producing background sounds of your choice. Create your own combinations of sounds, and set a timer to track your productivity.






This task manager is much more than a to-do list; it helps you stay on top of projects, prioritize, and set due dates. It also lets you share lists with people, which can come in handy if you have a team project and need to collaborate. If you’re looking to get organized, Todoist may be just the thing.








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