5 Technology Blogs You Should Be Reading

By Published on June 14, 2018

If you’re working on a degree in a technology field, it’ll help you if you start to learn about the business world before you graduate. In the blogs below, you’ll learn about companies, gadgets, entrepreneurship, programming, and more. Things change fast in the tech world, and it takes vigilance to keep up. But these blogs are written by people who are inside the tech industry and care about reporting on it accurately.

It’s more useful than you might think to actually subscribe to blogs when possible. If they publish quality material regularly, it’s good to have updates from them in your email inbox staring you in the face. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget to check on a publication and to miss when the latest news comes out. If you’re subscribed, however, a notification reminds you of your commitment to learning.

By far, the most important tip is this: do something with what you read. If you’re starting a career in tech—or enhancing one—information in these blogs isn’t just theory, it’s your livelihood. Try out a technique, buy a gadget, apply for a job, take a class. Do something. The best way to retain knowledge is to use it so it becomes part of your life.

MIT Technology Review

This publication is a thought leader about technologies that affect us all every day. Stories come from staff writers, editors, and other readers, and range through news about artificial intelligence, solar energy, clean fuels, cryptocurrency, drones, algorithms, and more. Here’s their list of topics:

  • Business Impact
  • Connectivity
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Rewriting Life
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Breakthrough Technologies

They also profile breakthrough technologies, top innovators who are under 35 years old, and the 50 smartest companies.


Another publisher of technology news, TechCrunch is known for its consistent quality of reporting, especially on multinational startups. They have a diverse group of writers who know the tech industry and have well-informed opinions about developments. Read this if you want to know what companies might be the best ones for you to apply to—and invest in. They also explore new gadgets and apps.


Recode offers news on the business of technology and digital media, mostly focused on Silicon Valley, and they’re independent of the major news organizations. They also put on technology conferences every year (one of which is relatively close to San Diego, in Dana Point, California). You’ll also find reviews on new inventions and products, software, and emerging businesses. This can be useful if you want to get a job in Silicon Valley—or at a company with headquarters there.


The two founders of this blog started it to provide news about technology startups from around the world, so you can use it to read about other companies besides the ones in Silicon Valley, keeping an eye on them for when you are done—or nearly done—with your training and want to get ready to apply to jobs. It goes fairly deep into the inner workings of organizations and purchases of companies. It also gives handy tutorials on upgrading your devices.

Both Sides of the Table

This blog was founded by Mark Suster, both an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist investing in other entrepreneurs. He offers articles on how to pitch investors on a new startup, get funding, and start and market a new company. He also gives lessons on venture capital. This is a good blog if you are thinking about starting your own company instead of looking for a job.

Keep Learning and Job Hunting

Once you finish your degree and get a technology job, one of the most important things to do is to keep learning. But print publications often don’t publish fast enough to tell you all you need to know—technology evolves so quickly. So, try out a variety of technology blogs and subscribe to the ones that are the most useful to you.

Besides keeping up with general tech developments, you may also need to keep track of new companies and developing companies in order to be ready to apply to new jobs as they come up—even if you’re fairly happy with your current job! Successful people in the tech world have found that even if you’re happy with your current job and loyal to the company, it’s okay to keep looking.

You won’t want to realize you know very little about what’s going on in the job market if one day you get laid off—or if you have to move to another city. You’ll want to have at least a general knowledge of companies and positions, and blogs can give you that. And if you just happen to get offered a better job in the process, often your coworkers will be happy for you and congratulate you! People like to help. Besides, if you find a job at which you’re just more excited to learn and grow, you’ll do better work there.