6 Career Paths for a Business Major

By Published on October 8, 2018

In terms of career options, it’s hard to beat a business degree. While you may want to specialize in a field while learning about business, you can also apply the skills you learn to a wide range of professions.

A business degree can take you almost anywhere you want to go in the business world. As long as you’re excited about learning, the principles of big-picture management, marketing, and financial analysis can be applied to many jobs. Fortunately, these skills transfer easily to other industries as well, so if you want to switch careers down the line, your business degree will likely still come in handy.

Here are six career possibilities to help set your degree on the employment track.

1. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you play an important role in advertising for a business or specific product. This position tends to vary from company to company, but in general, you can expect to manage the group responsible for a company’s strategic planning to continuously expand the customer base.


2. Media Supervisor

Does managing the media for a company appeal to you? As a media supervisor, your responsibility lies in leading a team of media buyers, coordinators, and researchers to manage all media campaigns for a company.

While a degree in Communications can be helpful, a degree in certain Business Administration degrees can also properly prepare you to eventually work your way into this position.

3. Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, you will constantly be on the lookout for new business opportunities to pursue to develop and strengthen relationships that will ultimately allow your company to expand and grow.

In addition to excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, you’ll want a degree in Business Administration to truly prepare for this position.

4. Controller

Is accounting your thing? As a controller, you are typically responsible for the entire accounting staff at a company, overseeing the financial accounting and reporting of the entire operation.

To properly prepare for a position as a controller, a degree in Accounting can definitely be helpful.

5. IT Business Analyst

While the role of IT business analyst had more to do with the IT side of things in the past, these days this position is becoming more centered around business. Technology is constantly changing and as a result the position of an IT business analyst is becoming more about improving and updating certain business processes as they’re impacted by technology.

A degree in Business Administration with a Technology emphasis is a great starting point if this career interests you.

6. Accountant

Accountants are generally responsible for producing various important reports for a company or organization, including those regarding expenditures, productivity, costs, and margins. In general, these accountants are in charge of the entire financial organization of a company.

If organizing is within your skillset and you’re good with numbers, consider a degree in Accounting to prepare you for a future position as senior accountant.

These six examples are just some of the rewarding places a business degree can take you. Your business skills will make you a valuable asset anywhere you choose to go.