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6 Reasons Why San Diego Is a Great Place to Work and Play

Posted By Patrick Oney on December 13, 2018

Every city tries to claim that they are the best, but few have as much proof for their claim as San Diego. With killer beaches, temperate weather, and a world-famous zoo, San Diego has a lot going for it. For those who want to enjoy sunshine year round, but don't want the hassle of living in places like L.A., San Diego is hard to beat. Here are six great reasons to live here.

The Picture-Perfect Weather

  There's no doubt about it: San Diego has excellent weather year round. With three out of four seasons offering beach-appropriate temperatures, and with even winter keeping around a balmy 70 degrees, you'll only ever need one wardrobe (as we'll see below). The pleasant weather means year-round tans, lots of outdoor activities, and barbeques aplenty. For those who don't want sand, sun, and surf all the time, San Diego is a short drive from a winter resort, making even snowy wonderlands accessible to those who live in the city.

The Casual Attitude

  Due to the agreeable weather that the city is blessed with, people tend to dress as comfortably as they can. In most cases, that takes the form of tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops. It's an attitude that's taken the city by storm, and only a handful of businesses require attire that's more formal. So unless you're headed to the fanciest of restaurants or a high-end nightclub, you're fine to go as you are.

The Amazing Food

  San Diego is famous as a diner-hole haven. Those who live here have their favorite pit stops and dives, and rarely choose major franchise chains to eat at. There's just such a wide variety of quality, authentic, and eclectic food that going with anything less feels like a chore. San Diego also has a thriving craft beer scene, offering a wealth of local selections, many of which are on tap at local restaurants, bars, and clubs. Whether you like finding a favorite and sticking with it or exploring something new each time you go out on the town, there's surely something to fit your tastes in San Diego.

The Killer Nightlife

  It's hard to find a more exciting nightlife scene than San Diego. From clubs to bars, to even just lounging at the beach, there's something for everyone. Many of the clubs and bars are casual-friendly (as mentioned above), meaning you won't have to wear anything fancier than flip-flops. For those who are looking for a little wine and elegance, however, there are a host of options to choose from. And if you're looking to go clubbing in your best, and see people dancing in their best, the old Gaslight District is the place to be.

The Job Market

  None of these perks would mean much if there wasn't a way to fund it all. That's where the booming job market comes in. San Diego's economy is incredibly job-seeker friendly, with the industries of healthcare, business, and tech topping the charts. With plenty of businesses looking for employees, and a large market to keep those businesses busy, there are few city economies as strong as this one.

The Schools

San Diego is home to four major universities, as well as a host of community colleges and other institutions of higher learning. For those who want to go to college and enjoy good weather at the same time, San Diego is the place to be.