Best Tech Companies to Work For in San Diego

By Published on June 7, 2018

Earning your degree and starting a new career while working and raising a family is a big step. Finding the right place to do that is just as important. San Diego is an up-and-coming location for innovative tech companies. It is also a great place to start a career after earning your degree and a fun-filled city for families. So if you are looking for the right tech company to launch your new career, use this list to find that right company and start your career over today!

Brain Corp.

When you hear tech company, you think about robots, right? So do the future-focused minds at Brain Corp. Brain Corp. is taking manually run commercial machines and turning them into autonomously run machines. But more than that, they are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the technology game, through self-driving vehicles and intelligent navigation systems. They also treat employees to generous PTO and catered lunches, among other great benefits!

Patient Safe Solutions

Patient Safe Solutions is a company dedicated to providing quick and clear communication between healthcare teams. Through the use of one device, clinicians can securely send patient information and data to improve the efficiency of work in the healthcare field. A career with Patient Safe Solutions means taking part in changing and improving the way information is shared and patients are treated. They also offer employees health care, stock options, and a 401K plan.


Viasat is the poster child for the new tech company growth in San Diego. They started out specializing in military communication and now offer internet and communication services for businesses, government, and families. Viasat provides high-speed internet service to over 700,000 people and 500 commercial aircraft. They are constantly looking for new ways to enhance communication worldwide and are taking new steps toward that goal every day. Plus, they have a gym and basketball court to help employees stay active as they actively look for new ways to enhance communication among just about everyone.


Illumina is becoming the go-to tech company for DNA sequencing. Their technology can sequence a human genome more efficiently and cost-effectively than other companies. Their research, science, and clinical work cover a wide variety of topics from diseases to agriculture. But no matter what the reason, their projects always have one goal in mind: to make a difference in human health. Illumina also sequences each employee’s genome at a discounted rate so you can know what’s going on with your DNA.


Certona is enhancing customer experiences for e-commerce websites worldwide. Through the Certona Predictive Cloud, they can offer personalized solutions to increase website engagement and provide customers with relevant and interesting content and offers. They work with some of the world’s leading brands and retailers to improve the customer’s experience and increase webpage effectiveness. They also offer employees a competitive salary, monthly events, and a free gym membership!

Mitchell International, Inc.

Mitchell International, Inc. is a leading provider of information and workflow solutions to the property and casualty claims industry and their supply chain partners. They solve interesting and complex problems that directly affect the customers their clients serve. They are constantly adapting to stay on the forefront of emerging technologies and they work diligently to maintain their position as a thought leader within the industry. The best part is that the hiring manager for Mitchell International, Inc. in San Diego is a CCSD alumnus!

Going back to school and choosing a new career path after you have passed the college stage in life and have a family or job to take care of can be difficult enough. But it will be worth it in the long run.