The Challenges Facing Adult Students—And how to overcome them

By Manda Perkins Published on September 15, 2016

Going back to school is extremely challenging. Not only can it uproot a lifestyle and add yet another time commitment, but classes can also present added social and financial pressure. Concerns about furthering your education are completely valid; we at CC San Diego are here to help. Getting or furthering a degree can open unimagined career doors. We want to make this new journey enjoyable, affordable, and stress-free.

We can help you fit classes into your schedule.

Family obligations, a full-time job, and responsibilities that cannot go on hold are all reality even while earning a degree. Not only does CC San Diego provide versatile program options, we will provide an actual person who cares about your education to discuss your options. Admissions Consultants will talk to you in depth, about options and possibilities even before you spend a dime.

Financial Aid options are available.

The cost of your education should never prevent you from living your dreams. Not only do we provide professional financial aid planners, there is also a myriad of scholarship options. No matter the circumstances or life experience, there is money available to help pay for education, and we know where to find it.

Upon admission to California College San Diego, students are also provided with a laptop that they get to keep upon graduating. Schooling today is impossible without a personal computer, and we want to make sure each student has access to one. We will also pay for any supplies and textbooks you need to succeed in the program.

You really can learn the technology.

The changing technology associated with specific fields and current workplaces may be just the reason to come back to school. Maybe today’s technology feels foreign and impossible. While it is a reality that any education will rely heavily on online resources, we want to give you the confidence that you can master any technology needed to study, progress, and work effectively in a modern workplace. We offer one-on-one help and support to help you through any aspect of a class.

Connecting with younger students can be rewarding.

Being surrounded by students at a very different place in life as yourself may seem daunting, but in reality diversity of age and background in a classroom can provide some of the richest and effective learning environments. If you are willing to learn from the students around you and even ask for their help when the technology or subject matter becomes challenging, you will gain valuable relationships and will undoubtedly enrich everyone’s experience. Our adult students are honored and valued in classes for the real-world experience they can provide.

Going back to school will not be easy. It requires hard work and commitment to goals. While challenges are sure to come, we at California College San Diego are just as committed to your goal as you are and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. Let us dedicate our 40 years of experience to your education. Get started with us today!