Dallas Beaver: New Avenues in Life

By Staff Writer Published on December 11, 2015

After getting his GED, Dallas Beaver served in the Navy as a personnel specialist, dealing with human resource and pay issues. He spent a total of seven years in the Navy. When he got out, he decided to try something different.

Some of Dallas’s friends were successful respiratory therapists. Dallas liked the idea of making a difference in patients’ lives by helping them breathe better. “I always thought I was a caregiver,” Dallas says. His own son had severe asthma, and Dallas wanted to help him.

“I researched California College San Diego,” Dallas recalls. “I found it to be one of the best respiratory programs in San Diego. The number of hours students spent in hands-on clinicals really impressed me.”

Getting His Degree—and Then Another Degree

CCSD helped Dallas identify and receive all the financial aid he could qualify for. “That financial aid was a life saver in so many ways,” says Dallas. “The process was very easy and convenient—they practically held my hand through it. CCSD really has your back on financial aid.”

With no background in the medical field, Dallas found the transition difficult at first. “The instructors at CCSD were great,” he says. “They were patient with me. They paid attention to my needs and helped me get tutoring. They helped me understand the fundamentals of being a respiratory therapist. The staff always had smiles on their faces, which made it easier to ask them anything.”

After achieving his associate’s degree in respiratory therapy, Dallas wanted to get his bachelor’s degree too. “It’s stiff competition out there,” he says. “The more education you have, the more opportunities will be presented to you. I felt that I needed to make myself more marketable by achieving a bachelor’s. Plus, CCSD’s reputation and commitment to education also fueled me.”

Success in the Workforce

“My bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy has been very influential in my career path,” Dallas says. “I have been able to work in several job settings, like a small nursing facility and sleep studies. Before I even graduated, I had two jobs lined up.”

In addition, Dallas’s education has given him the confidence to become an entrepreneur. “I started Axis Live Scan and Modern Fitness Solution,” he says. “Obtaining a degree can open new doors and new avenues in life.”

For those thinking about getting their degree, Dallas says, “Start now. Go to school, and find yourself. Education is a key element to being productive and positive in life. With a degree, you automatically became a role model to everyone around you. Education just doesn’t benefit you—it also benefits everyone.”

Dallas Beaver shares his success story in this video.