How to Find the Right Job in San Diego

By Staff Writer Published on August 3, 2015

Job seeking today is mostly done online, which means you have more options than ever to find work in your field. Whether you have a degree in graphic design, business, healthcare, or IT – looking both within your field and locally can really help you stand out. Here are a few tips to help you find the right job in the San Diego area.

Whether you’re searching online, attending industry events, or looking for that perfect job at your dream company, consistency is crucial. Create a schedule for how often you’ll search for jobs, how often you’ll apply, and how many times a week or a month you’re willing to meet new people in your industry.

Graphic Design Tip: Get Visible

Visibility is key when you’re seeking a graphic design job. First, create a portfolio site of your previous work whether from school, volunteering or professional samples. If you’re comfortable building a website, hosting your own site is a great way to go.

If you’re not ready to create an entire website yourself, site builders such as Squarespace offer you plenty of customization without the need for a lot of technical skills. There are also many options for portfolio hosting that come almost ready made. Just upload your work to popular sites like Behance or Cargo Collective, and they’ll do the rest.

Next, it’s time to network. Fortunately, San Diego has a thriving design community. lists several dozen graphic design networking groups so you’ll have many choices. Through networking events, you can meet other people in your industry (some of whom may be hiring!) and learn something new, all in a single evening. Busy designers sometimes need colleagues for help with excess work, so getting to know your fellow local designers can help you take a big step forward for your career.

Business Tip: Networking is Key

Most industries are all about relationships, and that’s especially true in business. Aside from applying and interviewing for jobs, networking is the most important job-seeking activity you can do. Use the search feature in to find groups that match your field or specialty. The networking site lists a variety of events for everyone from small business owners, to women in business, to business professionals in tech or marketing.

You can better target your networking (and make sure it sticks, once you start getting to know people in your community) by spending some time on LinkedIn. Start by creating a robust personal profile with a great headshot and ask colleagues for a couple of killer recommendations.

Once that’s done, explore LinkedIn’s groups. The San Diego business-centered groups on LinkedIn are just as varied as the events on – and a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to network face-to-face. With groups, you can see what people are talking about, what their business’s needs are, and who is vocal in your community. Many LinkedIn industry groups also post jobs regularly, so you’ll have another source for new opportunities.

Healthcare Tip: Target Your Search

You’ll find healthcare jobs on websites such as MonsterIndeedJobingCareerBuilder, and Craigslist.

Healthcare jobs are in such demand that you can also seek out hospital-specific hiring sites and still find a great array of jobs. In San Diego, Scripps, UC San Diego, and Sharp have robust and regularly-updated careers pages. These large institutions have a variety of positions and are good places to research to see what kinds of healthcare jobs are in demand.

Since the field is growing, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for new opportunities. A good online search tip is to look at healthcare facilities in the area you want to work in and check their websites to see if there are openings for your particular field or specialty. You can find more local health institutions to investigate through roundups in the San Diego area like the U.S. News and World Report list of hospital rankings.

Information Technology Tip: Check Out Your Online Options

Professional networking, connecting with colleagues, recruiters and employers on LinkedIn, and searching on general job hunting sites like Monster and Craigslist are also great starts if you’re looking to get into the IT sector. As a growing field, there is a large variety of jobs and you’ll want to create a list of potential job titles that match your degree and interests to help you narrow your search and save time when reviewing online listings.

To find your IT match, you can also add more local sites to your rotation, such as San Diego Careers, the San Diego-Union Tribune, and other resources listed on this employment resource guide from the San Diego Public Library. IT jobs are vital positions for companies in a diverse range of industries, so doubling up on national job sites, as well as more focused career-track sites, will ensure you find opportunities that aren’t listed in local resources.

Getting the job that’s right for you is sometimes a numbers game. Keep applying, keep meeting new people, and keep honing your professional online presence, and you’ll get closer to the job that fits your skills.

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