The Power of a Business Degree

The Power of a Business Degree

Updated By Patrick Oney on July 8, 2020

People all over the world often hit a point in their lives where they aren’t sure what they want to do. The idea of a career where they excel and move forward sits in their mind, but they’re probably not sure what path to pursue. When you work toward and obtain a business degree, you open up a whole new world of opportunities for your career. A business degree doesn’t limit you to just one path; it sets you up for career options in a variety of fields. From marketing and finance to fashion and film, obtaining a business degree shows that you’re serious about becoming a leader. This type of degree also takes you from that boring-looking cubicle and propels you to an office with a view. You definitely haven’t limited yourself with this choice of degree. Instead, you’re setting yourself up for a successful and satisfying career. If you’re still on the fence but looking to better your situation, here are a few reasons to consider obtaining a business degree from California College San Diego.

Entering a New Industry

The great thing about a business degree is it opens you up to entirely new industries you never dreamed of. As mentioned above, you can do anything from working in finance to carving a spot in the film industry. When you get a business degree or a master’s in business, you’re looking at opportunities in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Computer sciences
  • Law
  • Fashion and sports management
  • Mathematics and economics

You’re not going to limit yourself in this field of choice. In fact, you’re opening yourself up to amazing opportunities that could take you around the globe.

Developing Crucial Skills

Any degree is going to help you develop real-world skills, but a business degree takes you a step further. You’ll learn how to deliver award-winning pitches, communicate with executives, and take on a range of challenging projects that push you to a new level of success. Business degrees also give you the opportunity to work with international clients and master the art of closing a deal. Earn a business degree and you’ll be able to drive your point home because you’ll have skills like:

  • An understanding of how companies operate
  • Strong oral and written skills
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Project management
  • Powerful decision-making skills

Building a Powerful Network

Some of the world’s most powerful names started with a degree in business. Business school networks offer invaluable resources to their students, especially when it comes to a network of job opportunities. If you apply for a job with a degree in business, they know the power of your degree and what you offer. Taking this a step further, 75% of those who received an MBA* said their degree played a huge role in their network. Never underestimate the power of a degree in business.

Find the Entrepreneur Inside You

Business isn’t just about working for someone else, it’s also about working for yourself. Finding the right idea and turning it into revenue is all part of learning what it means to be a business person. Now more than ever, students who graduate with a business degree are looking into the world of entrepreneurship. With this degree, you’ll learn creativity, innovation, and execution strategy. The right business school will develop your entrepreneurial mindset and skills and help you launch into the next phase of your career. Going back to the previous point, as you develop your network, you might even find yourself meeting a potential business partner in one of your classes.

Understanding Finance and Investment

This is another realm of business you might not know about when looking into a business degree. Obtaining a business degree helps you develop an understanding of how the world functions from a financial perspective. With an emphasis on financial investments, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge of things like real estate, stocks and bonds, and retirement. Choosing a business degree helps give you an edge on basic economic principles and how markets work around the world. You’ll also be better informed on specific investments and how to achieve a higher ROI.

Develop Flexibility

A degree in business gives you the tools to adapt to an ever-changing world. Business evolves every day, from newly implemented technologies to more streamlined business ideas, and having a degree will help you understand how all this works in the business world. That’s why it’s up to you to adapt and create long-term success for yourself and whatever company or boss you work for. As the economies shift and markets impact you negatively, having the right degree—and the right network—will enhance your career choices, allowing you to pivot when you need. At the end of the day, business degrees help you focus on developing your skills continuously.

Enhance Your Passions

How can you have a passion in business, you ask? While a business degree is more general than other subjects, it allows you to enhance your studies with a focus that interests you. So, as you study business, maybe you pursue the idea of starting your own marketing firm or pursuing an international career—the choice is up to you. It doesn’t matter where your curiosities or passions lie—having a business degree can push you to the next level, giving you opportunities to learn, grow, and love the job you do. Because you’ll have developed the skills that are essential to the business world, you’ll walk away, degree in hand, ready to take on the world. As you look to give your career a boost with a degree in business, California College San Diego can help. We employ staff who have real-life experience, so you can be confident the lessons you learn come from people who have lived it.