Understanding the Role of an Information Systems Specialist

By Staff Writer Published on November 10, 2012

The field of Information Systems is summarized simply as the middle man between technology and users. Information Systems specialists find careers interacting with computer technology and making them do the things the users want them to do.

For example, they can be called upon to work on the security of a company system. A hospital wanting access to medical records across an online database needs someone to provide and maintain a secure database. The hospital would call on an information systems specialist to help manage the access certain users have to this technology. They are the experts that innovate and increase usability.

In order to accomplish these tasks, these experts need to be creative problem solvers. They grasp the vision of the project and manage the information they are given from a global standpoint. Nothing escapes their view and whatever they do, they think first about how it will affect the rest of the system. From such a perspective, they can effectively accomplish their tasks without too many errors. These men and women make a real difference in their work environment. Their work also improves the way the world uses technology.

A highly popularized example of one who is particularly adept at providing these services is the famous Tony Stark from the hit movies Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Avengers. Although he does not do well as a real-life example, Marvel’s portrayal of him using 3D hologram technologies to enable his work depicts the concept pretty well. Tony wanted a convenient way to manipulate and innovate his creations in a nontraditional manner. He created a system of holograms to display the things he would normally see on a computer in a real world setting. The enhanced 3D holograms responded to touch and were easily manipulated. This allowed Tony to maximize his creativity by use of the technology.

The world is always looking for innovators in the Information Systems department. New people provide fresh perspectives on the work at home, most especially when they come from diverse backgrounds and careers. Professionals can work their way through a bachelor program and finish with a masters on the subject to better prepare themselves for that world.

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Megan Wickes is a graduate of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. She currently works for California College San Diego, managing its online presence. In addition to her love of marketing, Megan enjoys wakeboarding, boating, and spending time with her husband and new baby boy.