Winter Break: 5 Ways Students Can Prepare for Next Semester

By Published on January 3, 2019

You’ve made it through fall semester! Now it’s time for reveling in the holidays, spending meaningful time with loved ones, and taking a much-deserved break.

However, now is the time to also prepare for the next semester. While you can (and should) enjoy some downtime, school will begin again before you know it. Don’t get caught rushing, trying to get everything done at the last minute. By preparing little by little over the winter break, you’ll be much less stressed and ready to go back to school come January.

Here are five important ways that teach students how to prepare for school over winter break.


1- Get Off to a Clean Start


There’s a good chance your house and your diet has suffered during your first semester in school. Juggling your education, your job, and your family isn’t easy. Usually, things like kitchen decluttering and cooking healthy meals are put on the back burner for more pressing issues like studying for a test or attending your daughter’s soccer game. That is normal and okay. However, now that you have a little more free time, you’ll feel much better getting your break off to a clean start.

Doing a top-to-bottom house cleaning will not only make it more presentable to visiting relatives, but will make room for incoming holiday gifts. While you’re at it, throw out the junk food and stop the fast food stops, replacing them with healthy snacks and homemade cooking. You will feel better and have the energy you need to enjoy all the joyous festivities.


2- Evaluate and Update Your Budget


Admittedly, this part isn’t fun but it is necessary. With a semester’s worth of school expenses behind you and another one to come, evaluating and updating your budget should be done during your break.

What did you spend your money on and how much did you spend? Can you cut those costs moving forward? How much debt (student loans, credit cards) did you take on? Can you reduce that debt somehow? Would it make sense for you to take on more hours at work or get a seasonal job in order to bring in some much-needed cash?

Getting your finances in order now will help you stay on track during the spendy weeks of December and set you up for financial stability during your next semester.


3- Reconnect with School and Professional Contacts


While you are sending season’s greetings to friends and family, send some to your professors, your managers at work, and some select classmates as well. Anyone who made a positive difference during your school semester is deserving of being thanked.

Maintaining communication with these people may also pay off with future perks. School and professional contacts can be a good source for advice, references, or even internship and job opportunities.


4- Prepare a Plan


Analyze your last semester and make adjustments to your next one, if needed. For example, did you overwork yourself taking too many credit hours? Could you add a few more this time around? How can you ensure a good school/work/life balance?

Purchase the new supplies you’ll need. Mark up your calendar with any important school dates, including exams, presentations, project due dates, etc.


5- Take a Break


Finally, take a break. As important as the other things on this list are to do, relaxing and having fun during the holidays should have a spot at the top of the list. Taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical health will only serve you. Turn off notifications, cuddle your favorite people, get some extra sleep, and do some celebrating. You deserve it.