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Express Your Talent with Graphic Arts

Do you want to put your sense for design to good use? In the graphic arts school, you’ll learn about the theory and practice of visual storytelling. You may be drawn to advertising, web design, or print. Whatever your passion, formal education will help you acquire skills and build a portfolio so you’re ready for the job market.


All graphic arts programs are offered online through our affiliated institution, Independence University. These programs will teach you how to inspire and influence others through visual presentation. We’ll help you understand what future employers and clients will expect and help you prepare to meet the challenges of this rewarding career path. Learn from professionals in the field on a schedule that works for you. Get started by selecting your program below.

Graphic Arts programs are offered fully online through our affiliated institution – Independence University.

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The ability to turn an idea into a final product comes from technique and practice. Learn the tools of the trade and hone your instincts by completing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program that you can fit into your life. Skilled professionals are in demand.1 Set yourself up for success with training in the theories of design for different mediums, marketing and advertising principles, and design software.


As a graphic arts student, you will receive all the equipment and tools you need to start creating your own designs. We provide a new Mac® laptop for you to use in school and keep when you graduate. Start turning your creativity into a fun and fulfilling career today!


Associate’s Degrees inGraphic Arts

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    Learn how to use the basic tools of a graphic designer, including Adobe products. This program includes practical knowledge and theories of different design mediums, such as packaging.
  1. †Graphic Arts programs are offered fully online by our affiliated institution, Independence University.

Bachelors’s Degrees inGraphic Arts

  1. *Offered onsite and/or fully online through Independence University. See catalog for available locations.
  2. †Graphic Arts programs are offered fully online by our affiliated institution, Independence University.

“They’re just focusing on accounting, on business, on what your degree is. I chose this school, because it’s accelerated. Meaning, I was able to get my bachelor’s degree within two years. Comparatively, it might take about four years, five years.”

- Khanh Lam
Accounting (BS)

“We didn’t use books that often, but they always were showing examples. It was never just books, books, books. It was
always hands-on. Even if it’s not in the lab, they still made it easier to learn because it’s hands-on.”

- Sam Dows
School of Healthcare

“I started out doing small-time financials here and there for different accounting firms. Once I finished my education, I had such a better understanding about accounting. I went from specializing in accounting to becoming a knowledgeable expert. I now have a full-time accounting job at a landscaping company. Putting all my effort into my education has landed me a job that I absolutely love.”

- Monica Madden
Business Management & Accounting (AAS)

“From a high school dropout, to going into a field I’ve never been a part of, to now having a bachelor’s. I just feel like I’m on top of the world! I feel like I can really help. I feel like California College San Diego helped out.”

- Dallas Beaver
Respiratory Therapy (BS)

“My time in the military, which was 13 years, I was in the medical field then. So, when I got out, I did a little bit of civilian work in the medical field as well. I decided I didn’t want to be in the back office anymore. I wanted to do more toward the front office. So, in order to go move up a little more, I decided to find a school that would help me in that aspect, and I found that at California College San Diego.”

- Eddie Underwood
School of Healthcare

“I wanted a smaller school that would give me the attention and the help that I needed. My admissions consultant was very nice and friendly. He gave me a tour and explained everything to me.”

- Mimi Raza
Business Administration (BS)

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†Graphic Arts programs are offered fully online by our affiliated institution, Independence University.

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  1. https://www.roberthalf.com/sites/default/files/documents/2018_salary_guide_NA_TCG.pdf

California College San Diego admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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