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Associate of Applied Science
in Computer Programming

(Not enrolling students)

Program Objectives

This program of study is directed toward developing problem-solving skills. In conjunction with the understanding of computers and computer systems, these skills will enable a graduate of the program to apply his or her knowledge to finding solutions to problems that arise in the science, business, industry, government, and education sectors. The objectives of the program are as follows: to provide a solid foundation of knowledge about computers and to facilitate thinking that will permit continuing growth on the part of the graduates. Prospective students should have an aptitude for mathematics and logic and an interest in analysis and deduction. Students will study several programming languages, database design and administration, and programming for the Internet. Graduates are employed in entry-level positions as web developers and as computer programmers.



This program is taught at the following location(s):


  • Computer programmer
  • Web developer
  • Computer support specialist



  • Programming languages
  • Database design and administration
  • Programming for the internet
  • Problem solving