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You Can Afford Your College Degree

Is college worth the investment? Absolutely! Getting your degree is one of the best things you can do for your future. Some potential students think they can’t afford to pay for college. We’ll show you how college could be more affordable than you thought.

No Extra Fees

At California College San Diego, your tuition covers practically all your college expenses. We don’t nickel and dime you for extras like textbooks, parking, uniforms, or lab supplies. Additionally, we provide you with a new laptop that you get to keep once you graduate!

Your Customized Financial Plan

Our financial experts will help you find the money you need to attend college. At California College San Diego, our aim is to make college doable for students who think they don’t have enough financial resources. We’ll help you find out which grants, scholarships, and loans you’re qualified to receive.

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FixedRate Tuition

Our experts will help you find the money you need to attend college. At California College San Diego, our goal is to make college possible for students who otherwise wouldn’t have the necessary financial resources. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation, personal financial plan showing you which scholarships, grants, and loans you’re qualified to receive.




Not only could your degree help you earn a bigger paycheck,1 but you could enjoy better benefits, more promotions, enhanced job security, and greater self-esteem. Getting the right degree from California College San Diego could help you rise above the competition and pursue more opportunities for career advancement.


What’s standing between you and your degree? Do you have financial concerns? Do you doubt your ability to succeed? Are you unsure about how you could fit college into your busy schedule? Don’t worry—we’ll help you move past your obstacles! You can get the degree and the career that you deserve.


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Your college degree is a good investment

People pay for their degree because they expect it to pay them back. For the typical person, a college degree is worth it. The Pew Research Center reports: “A significant majority (83%) of bachelor’s degree holders believe that they have already seen a return on what they and their family paid for their bachelor’s degree. An additional 8% say that it hasn’t paid off yet, but they believe it will in the future.”2


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In today’s world, people with the right college degree often get the best jobs. To give yourself an advantage in the job market, earn your degree in a high-demand field. According to the current national population survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the higher the level of education completed by an individual, the more positive effect it has on his or her median weekly earnings. In addition, there is less of a chance the individual will be unemployed.

Ask about our no cost student benefits:

  • Program curriculum
  • All books and supplies3
  • New laptop to use in school and keep after graduation3
  • Tutoring
  • Career services after graduation4
  • Refresher courses after graduation
  • No hidden fees!
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Explore Your Financial Aid Options

You can afford college! The key is to get grants or scholarships to help finance your education. California College San Diego’s experts will help you learn all about grants, scholarships, financial aid applications, student loans, or other forms of financing. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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Grant and Scholarship Awards Available

Grant and scholarship money is available if you know where to look. California College San Diego offers numerous grants and scholarships. If you qualify, one of these programs could help make it possible for you to attend college and get your degree. These grants and scholarships are for working adults like you; for most of them, your previous grades and exam scores don’t matter!

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